Moss ToL taxon sampling

This table reflects the sampling of taxa targeted for reconstructing the macroevolutionary tree of mosses based on (potentially) all organellar exons, the entire nuclear ribosomal DNA repeat  and a broad selection of single copy nuclear  protein encoding genes.



Species sampled

LAB & DNA (e.g. CONN3333)

ID confirmed

Extraction date

Genome concentration

Library date

organellar exons sequence date

sequencing run identifier and barcode

nuclear exons sequence date

sequencing run identifier and barcode

Life tissue for RNA extraction

Takakiaceae Takakia Takakia lepidozioides
Sphagnaceae Sphagnum Sphagnum girgensohnii CONN2748 2012 Hiseq done
Andreaeaceae Andreaea Andreaea rothii CONN2746 2012 Hiseq done
Oedipodiaceae Oedipodium Oedipodium griffithianum CONN3528 Aug/14/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Polytrichaceae Atrichum Atrichum angustatum CONN2742 2012 Hiseq done
Polytrichaceae Dawsonia Dawsonia polytrichoides CONN3723
Tetraphidaceae Tetraphis Tetraphis pellucida CONN2836 2012 Hiseq done
Buxbaumiaceae Buxbaumia Buxbaumia aphylla CONN2869 2012 Hiseq done
Diphysciaceae Diphyscium Diphyscium foliosum CONN3003 May/29/2013 E10
Timmiaceae Timmia Timmia megapolitana CONN3337 May/29/2013 H11
Timmiaceae Timmia Timmia norvegica CONN3578 Oct/16/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Timmiaceae Timmia Timmia austriaca CONN3619 Oct/17/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Gigaspermaceae Lorentziella Lorentziella imbricata CONN3419
Gigaspermaceae Chamaebryum Chamaebryum pottioides CONN3573 Oct/16/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Gigaspermaceae Gigaspermum Gigaspermum repens CONN3583 Oct/18/2013 (extracted at Uconn)
Encalyptaceae Encalypta Encalypta XXX CONN3219 May/29/2013 H7
Bryobartramiaceae Bryobartramia Bryobartramia shelpei BG
Disceliaceae Discelium Discelium nudum CONN3220 May/29/2013 H8
Funariaceae Goniomitrium Goniomitrium africanum CONN3584
Funariaceae Funaria Funaria hygrometrica CONN3179 May/29/2013 H4
Funariaceae Entosthodon Entosthodon obtusus CONN3347 May/29/2013 H12
Funariaceae Physcomitrella Physcomitrella patens CONN3139 May/29/2013 G12
Scouleriaceae Scouleria Scouleria aquatica CONN3552 Aug/14/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Drummondiaceae Drummondia Drummondia prorepens CONN3426 Aug/13/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Bryoxiphiaceae Bryoxiphium Bryoxiphium norvegicum CONN3502 Aug/14/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Grimmiaceae Grimmia Grimmia pulvinata CONN3400 Aug/13/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Ptychomitriaceae Ptychomitriaceae Ptychomitrium BG-CHINA
Seligeriaceae Blindia Blindia acuta CONN3628 Oct/18/2013 (extracted at Uconn)
Fissidentaceae Fissidens Fissidens bushii CONN3460 Aug/13/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Hypodontiaceae Hypodontium Hypodontium pomiforme CONN3471 Aug/14/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Eustichiaceae Eustichium Eustichia longirostris BG-CHILE
Ditrichaceae Ditrichum Ditrichum pallidum SB4766 Shaw May/4/2013 3.3
Bruchiaceae Bruchia Bruchia vogesiaca CONN3417
Erpodiaceae Aulacopilum Aulacopilum
Rhabdoweisaceae Rhabdoweisia Rhabdoweisia crispata CONN3429 Aug/13/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Rhabdoweisaceae Symblepharis Symblepharis
Dicranaceae Dicranum Dicranum scoparium CONN2744 2012 Hiseq done
Dicranaceae Leucoloma Leucolma rehmanii CONN3731
Dicranaceae Wardia? Wardia
Micromitriaceae Micromitrium Micromitrium
Leucobryaceae Leucobryum Leucobryum albidum CONN3610 Oct/17/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Leucobryaceae Campylopus Campylopus SB4851 Oct/13/2013
Calymperaceae Calymperes Calymperes rabenhorstii CONN3499 Aug/14/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Calymperaceae Octoblepharum Octoblepharum CONN3554 Oct/16/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Pottiaceae Tortella Tortella humilis CONN3427 Aug/13/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Pottiaceae Timmiella Timmiella BG-MEXICO
Pottiaceae Crumia latifolia SB4774 Oct/13/2013 40
Pottiaceae Syntrichia CONN3226 May
Pulchrinodaceae Pulchrinodus Pulchrinodus inflatus Dalton
Splachnaceae Tayloria Tayloria mirabilis CONN3234 Feb/21/2013 14 Apr/5/2013
Splachnaceae Tetraplodon Tetraplodon fuegianus CONN-LILY
Meesiaceae Leptobryum Leptobryum pyriforme CONN3336 Feb/23/2013 22 Apr/5/2013
Catascopiaceae Catascopium Catascopium nigritum CONN3618 Oct/17/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Bryaceae Bryum Bryum argenteum CONN2896 2012 Hiseq done
Bryaceae Rhodobryum Rhodobryum ontariense CONN3423
Phyllodrepaniaceae Phyllodrepanium NYBG?
Mniaceae Mnium Mnium hornum CONN3473 Aug/14/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Mniaceae Pohlia species? CONN3235 Feb/21/2013 16 Apr/5/2013
Mniaceae Leucolepis Leucolepis acanthoneuron CONN3574 Oct/16/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Leptostomataceae Leptostomum Leptostomum menziesii CONN3489 Aug/14/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Bartramiaceae Bartramia Bartramia pomiformis CONN2747 2012 Hiseq done
Bartramiaceae Philonotis Philonotis vagans CONN3230 Feb/21/2013 21.4 Apr/5/2013
Orthotrichaceae Ulota Ulota crispa CONN2740 2012 Hiseq done
Orthotrichaceae Orthotrichum Orthotrichum stellatum CONN2739 2012 Hiseq done
Orthotrichaceae Pentastichella Pentastichella pentastichum BG-CHILE
Orthotrichaceae Schlotheimia Schlotheimia ferruginea CONN3470 Aug/14/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Orthotrichaceae Macromitrium Macromitrium lemboboense CONN3472 Aug/14/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Orthotrichaceae Zygodon Zygodon viridisssimus v. rupestris SB4837 Oct/13/2013 276
Orthotrichaceae Groutiella Groutiella mucronifolia CONN
Hedwigiaceae Hedwigia Hedwigia ciliata CONN2743 2012 Hiseq done
Helicophyllaceae Helicophyllum Helicophyllum torquatum BG-MEXICO
Rhacocarpaceae Rhacocarpus Rhacocarpus purpurascens CONN3500 Aug/14/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Rhizogoniaceae Goniobryum Goniobryum subbasilare CONN3237 Feb/21/2013 25.4 Apr/5/2013
Rhizogoniaceae Pyrrhobryum Pyrrhobryum spiniforme CONN3637
Rhizogoniaceae Rhizogonium Rhizogonium distichum CONN3562 Oct/16/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Aulacomniaceae Aulacomnium Aulacomnium heterostichum CONN3425
Aulacomniaceae Aulacomnium Aulacomnium palustre CONN3676
Aulacomniaceae Hymenodontopsis Hymenodontopsis spiniforme CONN3225 Feb/21/2013 22 Apr/5/2013
Orthodontiaceae Orthodontium Orthodontium lineare? CONN3492/CONN3501 Aug/14/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Orthodontiaceae Leptotheca L.eptotheca gaudichaudii CONN3490 Aug/14/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Orthodontiaceae Hymenodon Hymenodon pilifer CONN3563 Oct/16/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Orthodontiaceae Orthodontopsis Misha In coming
Braithwaiteceae Braithwaitea Braithwaitea sulcata CONN3488 Aug/14/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Racopilaceae Racopilum Racopilum cuspidigerum CONN3469 Aug/13/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Racopilaceae Powellia Check van Zanten Lindbergia
Racopilaceae Powelliopsis Check van Zanten Lindbergia
Racopilaceae Timokoponenia Check van Zanten Lindbergia
Pterobryellaceae Pterobryella Pterobryella rigida CONN3557 Oct/16/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Pterobryellaceae Cyrtopodendron Cyrtopodendron vieillardii CONN3468 Aug/13/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Pterobryellaceae Sciadocladus Sciadocladus menziesii CONN3464 Aug/13/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Hypnodendraceae Bescherellia Bescherellia brevifolia CONN3487 Aug/14/2013 (extracted at UConn)
CONN3559 Oct/16/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Hypnodendraceae Cyrtopus
Hypnodendraceae Dendro-hypnum Dendro-hypnum reinwardtii CONN3620 Oct/17/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Hypnodendraceae Hypnodendron Hypnodendron vitiense CONN3560 Oct/16/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Hypnodendraceae Mniodendron Mniodendron camptotheca CONN3467 Aug/13/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Hypnodendraceae Mniodendron comosum CONN3561 Oct/16/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Hypnodendraceae Spiridens Spiridens camusii CONN3461 Aug/13/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Hypnodendraceae Touwiodendron Touwiodendron diversifolium CONN3558 Oct/16/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Ptychomniaceae Ptychomnion Ptychomnion cygnisetum CONN2867 2012 Hiseq done
Ptychomniaceae Euptychium Euptychium setigerum CONN3462 Aug/13/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Ptychomniaceae Garovaglia Garovaglia elegans BG-Akiyama
Ptychomniaceae Ombronesus Ombronesus stuvensis CONN3614 Oct/17/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Ptychomniaceae Rhabdodontium Rhabdodontium buftoni Dalton
Ptychomniaceae Orthorrhynchium Orthorrhynchium elegans
Hypnodendraceae CHECK CHINESE FLORA?
Cyathophorum Cyathophorum hookerianum BG-Akiyama
Hypopterygiaceae Hypopterygium Hypopterygium tamarisci CONN3233 May/29/2013 F10
Hypopterygiaceae Dendrocyathophorum Dendrocyathophorum decolyi CONN3222 May/29/2013 F7
Hypopterygiaceae Lopidium Lopidium BG
Saulomataceae Ancistrodes
Daltoniaceae Daltonia Daltonia aristofolia BG-Akiyama
Daltonia angustifolia DUKE-Réunion
Calyptrochaeta Calyptrochaeta japonica BG-Akiyama
Calyptrochaeta asplenoides CONN3627 Oct/18/2013 (extracted at Uconn)
Schimperobryaceae Schimperobryum Schimperobryum splendississimum BG?
Hookeriaceae Hookeria Hookeria acutifolia SB4786 Jul/14/2013 23
Leucomiaceae Leucomium
Pilotrichaceae Pilotrichum
Pilotrichaceae Hemiragis Hemiragis aurea CONN3498 Aug/14/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Pilotrichaceae Callicostella Callicostella fissidentella DUKE-Réunion
Climaciaceae Climacium Climacium americanum CONN2738 2012 Hiseq done
Hypnaceae Hypnum Hypnum imponens CONN2736 2012 Hiseq done
Thuidiaceae Thuidium Thuidium recognitum CONN3168 Feb/20/2013 200
Brachytheciaceae Brachythecium Brachythecium rutabulum CONN3399 Aug/13/2013 (extracted at UConn)
Already sampled = 93
Samples at DUKE = 5
To be sampled by CONN = 12
HiSeq Done = 14
First enrichment 10
if we got the ‘to be sampled” we would have 69