University of Connecticut University of UC Title Fallback Connecticut


Claudine Ah-Peng University of Cape Town Contributor-Indian Ocean species
Hiroyuki Akiyama Museum of Nature and Human Activities, Hyogo Contributor-Asian species
Neil Bell Helsinki Contributor
William Buck New York Botanical Garden Contributor-South America and systematic reference
Paulo Camara
Universidade de Brasilia
Contributor-Brazilian species
Patrick Dalton
University of Tasmania
Contributor-Australian species
Claudio Delgadillo
University of Mexico
Contributor-Mexican species
Lars Hedenäs
Swedish Museum of Natural History
Contributor-Moss ToL and Scandinavian species
Misha Ignatov
Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
Contributor-European species
Juan Larrain Field Museum Contributor-Chilean and New Caledonian species
Blanka Shaw Duke University Contributor-North American and elsewhere
James Shevock California Academy of Sciences Contributor-Asia, New Zealand,….
Dietmar Quandt University of Bonn, Germany Contributor-tropics
Alain Vanderpoorten University of Liège, Belgium Contributor-Macaronesian species